Brazo hidraulico


MECANOVA designs and manufactures meat lift arms for the companies that need an eassier way to do the work procedures. Also, we count with year of experience in the meat processing industry.

Totally made in stainless steel. It has a working capacity of 300kg (661.39 lb), it is a strong, practical and easy machine which is used in the loading and unloading phases, reducing work time and physical effort.

With some countrys with normatives that don´t allow workers to carry more that 25kg, like Chile, this machine is indispensable.

Technical data:
Brazo hidráulico de carga

  • Built entirely in stainless steel according to the CE and USDA regulations.
  • Maximum lift hook: 2,680 mm (8.79 ft)
  • Minimum lifting hook: 820 mm (3.69 ft).
  • Working stroke: 1,860 mm (6.1 ft).
  • Rotating arm: 260 degrees.
  • Rotating head: 320 degrees.
  • Useful overall rotation: 350 degrees
  • Upload and dropped speed: 0,3 m/s (0.98 foot per second)
  • Maximum height: 300 Kg (661.39 lb).

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Voltage: 380 V triphase
  • Installed power: 2,5 KW

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